The retail industry today

Digitization has changed many things: it is a reality that there has been a boom in e-commerce, but physical stores have not been left behind. In Spain there has been a growth 40% consumers who go in person to stores.


Even so, this does not mean that these do not need to be digitized; everything to the contrary. They also need to have online presence so that they can be found more easily and improve their features to provide a better user experience.

Retail sector problems

The lack of digitization of the sector makes the processes are much slower. This is due to things like the lack of tools that facilitate communication with customers, shorten the wait in the store or manage stock.

One of the main problems facing the retail sector is the lack of contact with your customers in case it is close physical stores. This lack of contact drives customers away from the business and can make it more difficult to return to normality when they reopen.

It is common among physical stores to have little digitized and automated the buying and selling processes. This means that there is very little control over the quantities of product that each store has, either due to lack or excess.

Many physical stores believe that having an online store or a corporate website is not necessary. However, although it is not true that users buy less in physical stores, it is true that the user has changed his behavior until he makes his purchase in them. Now, the user is omnichannel and goes through a process of comparison between the different channels of the company. This means that, if the business does not have a digital presence, it does not even become a purchase option for the user. In addition, the value of users who buy both physical and online, is a 31% higher than the one that does it only in one.

The solution: Google Cloud for the Retail sector

Success stories in Tech companies with Google

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? Carrefour

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