Zero-Touch Enrollment

Deploy your fleet of Chromebooks in one click

Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) is a process of automatic configuration the chrome book with their Chrome Upgrade management licenses. 

These allow IT administrators to deploy computers with the management console without having to do it manually on each device.

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Why use the ZTE?

Avoid manual processes

Install Chrome Upgrade licenses in just one click, without having to do it computer by computer.

ready to use

By installing the licenses with ZTE online you will have the Chromebooks ready to use and configured when they are turned on for the first time.

As many Chromebooks as you need

There is no limit to deploy on ZTE, so you can configure as many computers as you need in one action.

Designed with safety in mind

ZTE's service takes into account the security needs of organizations and helps prevent attacks and malicious use of devices.

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Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE)
with uCloud

Frequent questions

Not all Chromebook models are compatible with the ZTE, to make sure you can check the list of models compatible with ZTE from Google.

The Zero-Touch Enrollment process can only be performed by a Google Authorized Partner, such as uCloud.

To carry out the Zero-touch Enrollment, you will have to contact a Google Authorized Partner such as uCloud.

The price of the Zero-Touch Enrollment depends on the Partner that carries it out. In most cases, the price depends on the number of computers on which it is done: the more computers, the lower the unit price.

get in contact Contact us so that we can give you a personalized price.

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